Monday, September 19, 2011

Quote of the Day - Liberals and idiots

"Despite all the other laws they break, criminals will miraculously abide by anti-gun laws - Liberals &  idiots believe this."

-Breda via Twitter

I've asked many anti-gun liberals to explain how gun control "works' considering that violent criminals commit all manner of felonies in spite of them.  I get a lot of evasion, a lot of "more folks carrying guns will mean more crimes of passion," but never an intelligent answer.

I remember a string of robberies here in DE committed by a guy with a pellet pistol and a .22 rifle which had the buttstock and barrel sawed off.  The guy had a long rap sheet (surprise, surprise!) had stolen the guns in  a burglary, and of course committed a felony using a hacksaw on the .22 rifle.  It amazes me that any intelligent person could claim that another felony or two might cause such a person to reconsider their crime or change their behavior.

It's one of those central themes that anti-gunners fervently believe which I'll just never be able to wrap my head around because it's so shockingly dumb and naive.  I think it's more a belief system issue than anything.  They want to (have to) believe that laws cannot be broken and that more laws = less crime because admitting otherwise calls the power of the state into question.

Of course they can admit how easily drug laws are ignored in this country but refuse to see the parallel to gun control.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Their logic is so simple (and circular)

"If Guns were as illegal as murder, nobody would be murdered with guns."

Makes sense if you aren't very bright!