Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Some videos from the Occupy Philadelphia protests. Proudly flying the hammer & sickle. Some dreams just won't fucking die, no matter how many people they kill.

H/T to Hube


Weer'd Beard said...

What really upsets me is that the Red Star, and the Hammer and Sickle seem to get a pass that the Swastika didn't get.

And the Swastika has as noble origins as they come

Furthermore more people have been killed under a hammer and sickle or a Red Star.

Yet Westerners (and possibly others) recoil in horror seeing a Swastika at a Hindu or Buddhist Temple, but never when they see the Macy's Logo.


Mike W. said...

Yup. Estimates of the deathtoll during Mao's Great Leap Forward range from 30-45 million.

30-45 million in a 3 year stretch. He makes Hitler looks like an amateur.

This is the man Anita Dunn, Obama's Communications Director cited in a speech as "One of her favorite philosophers."

And let us not forget that the Nazi's are just the other side of the coin from a collectivist, mass-murdering, anti-freedom / anti-liberty standpoitn.

Bubblehead Les. said...

My Father grew up under the Soviet Occupation of Hungary after WW2, fought in the 1956 Revolution, and barely escaped with just the clothes on his back when the T-54s rolled in. I even got to spend a month behind the Iron Curtain in 1974 visiting my relatives over there.

But there is a Silver Lining to seeing these Marxist Thugs waving their Flags around: easy Target Identification.

Bob S. said...

I won't indict the entire protest for the display of one flag.

Heck, every group has their extremists, right?

But many of the goals of the movement are inline with the flag -- that I have a problem with.