Monday, October 17, 2011

A mental disorder

You often hear the phrase "liberalism is a mental disorder."  While I don't entirely disagree with the statement I do think it's a crass overgeneralization. 

Sometimes however, I see things that make me think "this is the embodiment of that phrase."

This is one of those times.  MSNBC's Ed Schultz says Republican Presidental candidate Herman Cain is pandering to white, republican racists.  Ah yes, an intelligent black man espouses set of values and beliefs that are not in lockstep with typical liberal ideology, therefore he must be "pandering to white Republicans out there who don't like black folks"

He's also magically decided that the term "Break" is somehow racist, and brought on some uber liberal talking heads to explain to us mere mortals why the phrase "it will break him" is racist.

As for whether racism is responsible for unemployment, violent crime, etc. in the black community, I don't see how anyone could honestly look at history and claim that it is.  To make such a claim one must abandon logic entirely.

Could you imagine the uproar if some talking head in 2008 had claimed Barack Obama was pandering to white racists?

*For the record I'm not a big Herman Cain fan.

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Newbius said...

"Herman Cain is pandering to the White, Republican racists." I guess that is one way to describe someone who believe that individuals can achieve and succeed without government handouts.

One thing is sure, he is not pandering to the Black, Democrat racists. That's Al Sharpton's job.