Monday, October 3, 2011

Old and New - Lab edition

Zack is getting a little older these days, and while his best bud and psuedo-mom has gone up to doggie heaven, he hasn't skipped a beat.  He still does all of his favorite things,  tries to keep up with the young pups, and sings along with the family during "Happy Birthday."

Even more important, he's on a bit of an exercise routine and is finally starting to slim down.  His old collars now hang off of him, though he's still got weight to lose.

She's not around to keep him in line anymore

Now he's the boss

Only 2/3 of the trio left....

but now he's got new friends to try and keep up with.
That said, "trying to keep up" sometimes results in my having to massage his legs and help him with the stairs.  I'm hoping that continued weight loss will help quite a bit with that.

Maybe he should lay off the Dogfish Head....  Quit coming over to my apartment and sneaking off with my stash!


karrde said...

Great set of pics!

I like labs, and wish mine was still around.

Tango Juliet said...

I love Labs!!!

Laura said...

nawww, puppeh.