Friday, October 14, 2011

Quote of the Day - Worry about ordinary citizens

"I understand that and that weighs toward allowing guns. Agreed. But think of other situations, in which there's no one who comes in with criminal intent, planning a massacre or whatever. It's just a bunch of people who get each other wound up and they get crazy and somebody gets mad and it escalates suddenly. I'm afraid of people in that situation taking out guns. "

- Ann Althouse, responding to a comment stating that "gun free zones" are merely target rich environments which will disarm good guys but not deter someone intent on killing.
Ah, Althouse resorts to the tired, old, "if there are guns around people will get in arguments, get mad, pull em' out and start shooting."  Show me ANY statistical proof that this is a problem among those who CCW, or OC for that matter.  It's one of those screeds anti-gunners have been bleating about for decades, yet it doesn't happen.
Furthermore, the kind of situation Althouse imagines could be used as justification for banning guns anywhere, since such situations could conceivably occur anywhere and at anytime.  Should my right to carry be denied anytime I invoke my right of assembly?
Look, if people are going to get worked up and resort to outright physical violence against oneanother then you have a people problem, not a weapon problem.  I've been in a small number of situations where through no fault of my own I had a raging, angry lunatic in my face, screaming at me, fist raised threatening to hit me.  I was concealing a firearm.  Despite those actions, and despite being very angry myself I at no time felt compelled to respond in kind, escalate the situation, or pull my firearm.
Give a bunch of emotional, leftist, adult children with self-control issues and narcissistic tendencies all firearms and get them in a large group and you might have some problems.  Take 200 people like the guy in my example above, who fly off the handle into a rage at a mere perceived slight or threat to their authoritah and you might have a problem.  Most folks like that are anti-gun and tend not to be the type who have CCW's or OC.  That said, with folks like that in large groups you have a potential violence problem whether they have guns or pointy sticks, and as Van Hollen pointed out, those folks could just as simply CCW illegally sans permit.
Hell, I'm pretty sure us gunbloggers are more than capable of getting each other wound up and "getting crazy" and yet somehow when a bunch of us get together there's not bloodshed.  I've ridden in a rental car with Weer'd and Jay G. for christsakes.  That much crazy, that much rage, and yet no one got shot.  Get Breda & Laura around and there's likely to be much giggling, snorting, and maybe some good, clean hobobashing, but no whipping out of guns for nefarious purposes.

H/T to Breda


Jay G said...

That Corolla had at least two wheels on the ground at all times!

Actually, didn't you ride in the tactical minivan in Pittsburgh? Not only was I driving, I was armed at the time too! OH NOES!!!1111

NotClauswitz said...

Sounds like she's describing the mob of #OWS crowd and their potential for political violence.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I think she was Bitchin' about the possibility of Guns being in the Wisconsin Capitol Building. Wonder if she'd get her Panties in a Twist if she ever found out that Texas has had a Speed Line through their Security Theater Check Point for MONTHS for their CCW Permit Holders when they have to do business at the State Capitol.