Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Those violent, unruly, uncivil Tea Party protestors

Just look at those violent, unruly, right-wing Tea Partiers, shitting on cars, making a mess of the protest sites, charging the police and assaulting security guards who try to keep them from storming a museum.

Wait!?  You mean these weren't right-wing Tea Partiers, they were Leftists?  Inconceivable.

Oh, and I don't recall anyone having to pay Tea Party protestors to show up or a black man not being able to speak at a Tea Party protest.  Yet somehow the Tea Party is racist, uncivil, even outright violent.  Funny, because it would seem that everything the liberal media has said about Tea Party protests is actually true with regards to protests on the Left.

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that and, you know, the rape: