Friday, November 11, 2011

Just like the Tea Party

A man is shot in the head at an Occupy Oakland protest.  A reporter trying to take video after the shooting was attacked and had her phone taken from her by a protester.  Other journalists fared even worse.

"A few feet away a TV cameraman was shooting footage and a crowd of twenty or so men attacked and punched him, forcing him over the railing of the 14th Street BART Station."

Unprovoked mob violence.  Violence seems to be a common thread with the OWS movement.  The media went apeshit when Tea Party protesters peacefully held signs with "violent" quotes from the Founding Fathers.  I can't even imagine what the coverage would've been like had the Tea Party engaged in the acts the OWS movement has so far.


Bubblehead Les. said...

The question that must be asked is not if there's any Violence happening at these Protests, but how much is actually being reported? Sure, we get the Police Brutality reports, and they have to do something about the Bodies lying in the Street, but I wonder how many Muggings, Thefts, Rapes, Drug Overdoses, etc just aren't being talked about?

You'd think the MSM would realize that the ordinary Citizen knows by now that it's not just a bunch of College Hippies pounding Drums, yet the MSM still tries to Spin the Propaganda...

Anonymous said...

MSM = Biased hypocrites.

And that's being kind in my opinion.