Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guns on my campus

A former UD student attempts suicide on campus right in front of the Library.  He's rushed to the hospital and survives. Had he decided to walk into the library and take a bunch of people out with him he could have done so easily.  I'm sure students, faculty, and administrators consider the library a "safe place" just like they'd consider Breda's gun-free library a "safe place."

How could this be!? How could it possibly happen? I mean just listen to University spokeswoman Meredith Chapman,

"Weapons are not permitted on the university campus."

Tell that to my floormate Freshman year, who ended up in the hospital after he was robbed on Main Street by two men, one of whom was armed with a knife. (career criminals btw)  Obviously they didn't respect the University's "weapons free zone" status.

Everytime I read something gun related in college papers I wish these kids would be more aware of the realities surrounding them.  Hell, It'd be nice if I could get through to my sister and her housemates, who live nearby where this happened and yet plenty of times I've been able to drob by and walk right in their unlocked front door.

Freshman Rachel Robbins had this to say,

"It's weird that somebody came onto campus with a gun," "It kind of made me think that anybody could be doing anything on our campus."

Well yes Rachel.  Anyone CAN do anything on UD's campus.  There's nothing weird about it.  Smoking weed and drinking underage are both illegal and against University policy, yet both activities were rampant when I was there a few years ago.

In fact, I could legally walk right past the library where that photo was taken while carrying a gun.  I could, if I so chose, carry a concealed firearm illegally all over campus, into dorms, lecture halls, and the library.  The only thing stopping me is my respect for the law and my choice not do so.  People can and do carry guns and other weapons on campus regularly, just as easily as this man did.  If you don't realize this it's because you're not paying attention and don't look at police reports.
Hell, if Rachel even bothered to read her own student paper, including what happened to one of it's editors, she'd see that criminals DO come onto campus* with firearms and use them to commit crimes in a target-rich environment.

*Oh look, the victim is harmed after complying.  Also, anyone notice the one thing most of the criminals in these stories had in common?

Seriously folks, a quick google search will show you violent crimes happen all over UD's campus.  The University administration would have you believe that their gun free, weapon-free campus is a "safe place" and they'll do whatever they can to keep up that image even though it's fantasy.


Bubblehead Les. said...

After hearing the Va.Tech. President bragging about how well their Emergency Alert System worked yesterday, I wish some reporter had the balls to ask, "And HOW many Cops died yesterday with the new system in place? And HOW many more people could have been killed trapped in their Offices while you were all waiting for the Swat Team?"

Anonymous said...

Larry Hincker says university alert system worked well yesterday

30 minutes elapsed between Crouse's death and finding of apparent shooter's body in the Cage

Cho, in 2007, only needed ten minutes ...

A cell phone "works well" ... it does not prevent a murder while police are en route ...

#VaTech question: How does yesterday contribute to debate about weapons on campus?
Hincker: Univ position clear -- no guns in classrooms
Hincker: people feel safe on campus.

If I want to FEEL safe, I carry a lucky rabbit's foot, I'd rather BE safe and carry a .45

Anonymous said...

Also, I disagree that "people feel safe on campus:

Bradford B. Wiles, AND HIS PROFESSOR ... didn't feel safe in 2006 before Cho massacred students in 2007
unarmed and vulnerable
Bradford B. Wiles