Monday, December 5, 2011

Phrase of the day

"Shockwave Propagation Through the Female Posterior"

- Alan

Discussing the effects of recoil on the female posterior when shooting rifles from the prone position.  Clearly this is a subject that requires more research, and remember, bigger is better.  Anyone have a Barrett?  I'm kidding of course!

h/t to Chris & Laura


breda said...

I'm sure you could get a federal grant.

Alan said...

I promise to publish all research videos if I receive a grant for this study.

Mike W. said...

Breda, can you get all the forms together for me? I'll pick them up at the reference desk. Thanks :P

Alan - Yes. Set up a youtube channel! heh.

Laura said...

You should be thanking Chris for it, since he's the one who found it. :P

Burke said...

haha, i think i might have some actual video of this. Went on a military tourism trip in israel, and we shot a few different rifles and sniper rifles from prone. wow, there were some very nice looking girls on the trip. the girls were just a side note though, the trip in itself was awesome, shot a ton of different guns, threw grenades, went skydiving, learned krav maga, and all of that was instructed by ex special forces officers. it was sweet, i think their website was lionops

Mike W. said...

Breda is, of course, an expert on this. She has firsthand experience.