Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good Racism vs. Bad Racism

Any GOP opposition to Obama is said by the left to have an element of racism in it.  They'll even go so far as to claim that saying Obama has a lack of respect for the Constitution and our (white) Founding fathers is an attack with racist elements.  Because the GOP differs from President Obama on policy, they're racist.  This is "bad racism" we're told by the media.

If you ever wonder why race relations in this country aren't better, or why there's resentment often just under the surface among both minorities and whites, it's shit like this.  People get sick and tired of being accused of being racist by morons who pull the race card because they have nothing intelligent to say. (see Obama's AG Eric Holder)  I'm at the point where I consider "racism" almost a laughable matter most of the time.  That's what happens when accusations of racism are foisted upon white folks with reckless abandon.  It's sad, because it cheapens the term and deflects from actually discussing real issues or combatting actual, honest to god racism.

It's hard not to look at racism as a joke when it is so often used as a political bludgeon and the double standard is so blatantly obvious.  Part of the problem is that today we're told that how the person receiving the message "interprets" it is of paramount importance, while what the messenger actually said (and meant) doesn't matter.  That's bullshit.

I mean hell, could you imagine the outcry if ANY white talk radio host told a black Democrat to "get her stupid, ignorant ass out of my studio" and then refused to shake her hand because he "didn't want her blackness to rub off on him." Could you imagine if Bill O'Reilly had Sheila Jackson-Lee on his show and said that to her? But hey, a racist black democrat said it to a black republican candidate, so it will be ignored by the left.  This is "good racism."

Ah yes, once again we expose the tolerance, openness, and civility of the left as total bullshit.  Black conservatives seem to get particularly disgraceful treatment from the left, specifically because they think for themselves and refuse to stay in line with progressive ideals.


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