Friday, March 16, 2012

In the tank

Go read this NY Times article.  Then imagine how differently it would've been written if the President had an (R) after his name.  David Brooks is swinging on Obama's nuts so bad it actually amused me.

I love it, he points out numerous examples of Obama doing or saying one thing, and then doing/saying the opposite, only he's framing it as clever, cagey etc. because a liberal democrat is doing it.  Any bets on how that article would be written under say a President Palin?

I also love this little gem of falsehood,

"During the recession, the government could borrow gigantic amounts without pushing up interest rates because there was so little private borrowing."

Uhh, no.  We borrowed giant amounts without pushing up interest rates because the Fed has been holding interest rates at near zero for a while now.

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