Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You can take my pron but you'll never take my FREEDOM!

ZOMG the EVIL PORNOGRAPHY!  It seems as though Rick Santorum has decided he has a personal vendetta against internet pornography.
Something tells me Santorum is a closet porn watcher.  I'm guessing bestiality and midget porn. :P

This is why we call the Republican Party the Stupid Party.  They're up against one of the worst Presidents in modern history.  This election should be a slam dunk for them, so what do they do?  They put up the most boring, vanilla, magoo person possible, who also happens to be the RINO mirror image of Obama when it comes to policy matters.  Then their 2nd best hope is an authoritarian "Jesus freak" who is no better than your average liberal when it comes to restricting individual liberty.

I'm tempted to just write in "We're Screwed" come election day.  I don't know that there's anyway to fix this country.

  There are only trivial differences between the parties, and no one wants to address, or even talk about the real problems.  Even if that did occur the people who most need to hear it would be unwilling to listen and likely unable to comprehend.

The majority of voters in this country have been so indoctrinated against reason and logic that even where we can make a dent and allow some of it to soak in the establishment is churning out 10 "useful idiots" for every former liberal or compassionate conservative we turn.

 People want their bread and circuses.  They want their "free" stuff, and they want to remain blissfully uninformed.  The liberal media and education system work to maintain that as the status quo.  Now, we're badly outgunned and outnumbered, and we're seeing the results of that firsthand.



John75 said...

I agree. I hope Obama looses but I don't have faith that any of the Republicans (except Paul) would do much different. They won't seriously address the spending/deficit issue. I would hope that at least a Republican would put a conservative SC justice in place. That is very important for future 2nd ammendment rulings.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Welcome to the Last Days of the Roman Empire.

Fiftycal said...

Look at it this way. If Obama gets another term, kiss the Second Amendment goodbye. If he doesn't do it by "executive order" telling Holder to pick up gunz because they have too much sodium or something, he WILL put in another SCOTUS judge or 2 that will mirror his hatred of the 2A and all the other freedoms we have left.

Yah, Romney is a hump. I don't know why others shied away from this year. But it is what it is.