Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Delaware State Legislators

In light of the big push for gun control here in Delaware I've been writing my state senators and representatives.  Yes, I know there aren't any actual bills for them to vote on yet, but I figure I can send out actual letters once their are actual bill numbers to talk about.

I've gotten a few form letters from Senator Carper and Senator Coons.  They're solidly anti-gun, but I sent something anyway.  My House Rep., John Carney is also solidly anti-gun.  Here's his BS statement after Sandy Hook.

I've received a few responses back from my state legislators.  Here's Senator Dave Sokola (D) from my district.
"Thank you for your email.

While I believe gun ownership is a right afforded by the U.S. Constitution and I would not want to infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens, I do not believe that every individual should have the ability to possess a firearm - this includes felons and people with mental illnesses. In the last session, the Delaware General Assembly passed legislation (HB 48) that would require Delaware to report information to the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) database which seeks to prevent individuals, including those who are mentally ill, from purchasing/possessing a firearm. The legislature also passed legislation (SB 25) which established a pilot community firearm recovery program which was designed to help get firearms off the streets. The program appeared to have some promising results, however, when it came time to reauthorize the program, it encountered resistance in the Senate. The reauthorization bill (SB 205) was defeated as it did not receive enough support.

Another very important piece of legislation that did not pass last year was Senate Bill 39. This bill would have closed the "gun show loophole" in Delaware by requiring vendors to have a licensed dealer perform a background check prior to the sale of any firearm at a gun show. Unfortunately, the bill ran into opposition and did not make it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I am hopeful that the author of Senate Bill 39 (Senator McDowell) will reintroduce the bill and that there will be more support for its passage. I was listed as a co-sponsor, and I plan to support the legislation again if and when it is reintroduced. I also believe it is important to pass legislation, either on the state or federal level, to ban assault weapons. The previous ban that was instituted by the federal government in 1994 and which expired in 2004 worked reasonably well. If such a bill is considered on the state level, I plan to cosponsor the bill and advocate for its passage.

Here are links to the bills if you would like to look over them:  (I'm not including links in this quotation)
So Sokola has just said he's going to advocate for and co-sponsor the gun control I asked him not to.  At least we know he stands against liberty and the Delaware Constitution.

The State Rep. for my district has yet to respond, however State Senator Bethany Hall-Long (D) did respond, and I quote.

"Thanks so much for the message. As a "A" rated NRA legislator, I am sensitive to the issues of gun rights, safety & mental health. As a nurse and mom, I am hoping more resources are allocated for mental health as we discuss gun laws etc... I am happy to speak later or call my office 744-4039."
The anti-gun folks are going to try to steamroll us, so please write your representatives and senators and ask them to oppose gun control measure.  Be firm, but polite.


Bubblehead Les. said...

I'm thinking there's about a Dozen States, most of them in your neck of the woods who will soon be going "New York State Nuts." I suggest you get a Contingency Plan Drawn Up where your soon-to-be Banned personal Firearms are shipped off to a Free State for Safekeeping until the SAF can get this Nonsense shut down in the Supreme Court.

But as a Legal Guy, Mike, you know that can take Years, and they'll just enforce the Law in the meantime. So I recommend getting some J-Frames, 4-6 Inch .357 Revolvers, Pump Shotguns, Lever Guns and some Bolt Guns w/Scopes for Long Distance.

That will still allow you to be Somewhat Armed (until they take away your CHP), and you don't waste Cash buying "Hi-Cap Magazine Clips" whose mere Possession locked up in a Gun Safe makes you a Criminal.

It looks like we are in this for next 4 Years, and there's No Guarantee that we can keep what we already have, considering who's on the Supreme Court.

And as for Congress and State Legislatures, yeah, pull the other one.

Anonymous said...

Well I do not care about their stupid law the constitution wasnt written just so some treasonous scumbags could wipe their butt with it and make otherwise good citizens into criminals. They are openly discussing treason and I will not negotiate with terrorists. You give up yours if you choose, I recommend you do not. I will make them shoot me, I will make them imprison me and one by one the governments aggression and hypocracy will shine for all the world to see. If they choose to kill their own citizens then so be it my life is worth the future freedom of my children.

Anonymous said...

Like Sen. Sokola, I "do not believe that every individual should have the ability to possess a firearm-this includes felons and people with mental illnesses." But, under the Gun Control Act of 1968, it is already illegal for felons and psychotics (and minors, drug addicts, fugitives, and insane or incompetent people) to own weapons. What does that leave? Will we all be safer when honest, rational adults are barred from owning weapons?