Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"High" Capacity

So Markell, Biden, and the rest of the leftists want to limit pistols to 10 rounds and rifles to 5 rounds, banning any magazines that hold more than that, among other things.

No legislation is written yet, but just to show the absurdity of these arbitrary limits on capacity, here's a few rifles that would be considered "high-capacity" to these asshats.

Swiss K-31 - 6 round capacity
M1 Garand - 8 round capacity
Carcano - 6 round capacity

I'll never understand the "you only need X number of rounds to hunt" people.  Especially the gun owning hunters who really think their guns will be spared from future bans.  If anything more than a 5 shot rifle is a "weapon you go to battle with" that doesn't belong in  the hands of Delaware citizens, what makes people actually think the gun banners won't come for their 6, 8, 10 etc. round bolt action rifles or lever actions?


Bubblehead Les. said...

Something else to consider. I don't think there will be a .22LR "Loophole," either. So all the Target Pistols, Marlin 60's, Pistol Caliber Lever Guns, 10 shot .22LR Revolvers, etc MAY also be declared "EVIL WEAPONS OF WAR!"

Anonymous said...

The 1994 "Assault Weapons Ban" limited magazine capacity. While that law was in effect, the North Hollywood shoot-out (in which LAPD were outgunned by bank robbers) and the Columbine massacre took place. Leftists responded to these examples of failed gun control by calling for...more gun control. Do the same thing over and over, and hope for a different result.

Anonymous said...

The Second Amendment is not about deer hunting. And the first ten amendments to the US Constitution are not "the Bill of Needs."