Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guns, Rape and Democrats

I have absolutely zero respect for anyone who tells women (or anyone else) that "you don't need a gun for self-defense."  These assholes who tell women they should vomit or shit on an attacker, tell them they're on their period, use a damn whistle, etc. etc. are despicable.

Who in the hell do these old, white, liberal assholes think they are telling women how they can and cannot defend themselves from rape, while simultaneously trying to deny them the best means to do that?

This is the true "War on Women."  Anti-gun liberals do not care about the well-being of women.  They shrug off their very real concerns with not just indifference, but contempt.

Rep. Salazar's statement implied that women are just too damn stupid to know when they're being threatened duing an attack by a rapist.  And since Salazar thinks they're too fucking stupid to make that determination, he wants them (and everyone on campus) unarmed.  Maybe in some cases he's right in a way.  Maybe in some cases the victim would be dead even if she had a gun, but carrying a gun or other weapon for self-defense is the choice of the individual woman, not of some nanny state anti-gun politician.

Does Rep. Salazar know anyone who was raped on a college campus?  I do.  Does he know anyone who was beaten within an inch of his / her life on a college campus by career criminals?  I do.

Many college campuses are "gun free zones" at least by university policy, yet brutal rapes and murders happen even without guns, like what happened to Sarah Wisnosky.
I cannot help but think that those who want women disarmed, those who think it's not OK for a woman to shoot a rapist because "he has a right to life" have ulterior motives.  I can't say I'm surprised though.  For leftists, My body, my choice, has never applied to the ability to defend it, not in my lifetime at least.
Leftists need perpetual victims. Empowered, independent, individualistic women who can (or have) defended themselves with a gun aren't likely to be willing sheep for their causes. That's why they hate women so much.

I know one thing for sure.  If you polled rapists 9.9 out of 10 would support gun control and banning CCW.  Just like this Ohio gun control activist and convicted rapist.

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Anonymous said...

When a woman wants to have an abortion, liberals are OK with it. After all, the woman is presumably a responsible adult and entitled to freedom of choice. If that same woman wants to buy a gun, liberals object. Suddenly, she has become an idiot who will shoot a harmless panhandler after she mistakes him for a mugger or rapist.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Two Points: A) Some Super PAC should start running 30 second Spots on Colorado TV and Radio saying "So Joe Salazar thinks it's OKAY for your Daughter to be Raped while she's away at School?" Then run his own words. Then name all the Female DemaCommies who Voted with him. Then say 'Help defeat those who think it's Okay to allow your Daughter to be Raped this next Election." Play it over and over and over..;.

B) If that Anti-Gun Rapist here in Ohio waves a Firearm around during a Protest, since he's a Convicted Felon, he could be Arrested because of his Legal Disability for Possession. Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to check the Voting Registraion Rolls, also.