Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quote of the Day - Changing Gun Culture

"The truth is that the gun culture changed first, and then the gun culture changed the industry. The industry did not change the gun culture. When is the left going to recognize that this is a movement composed of millions of actual people? Thinking people. People who are often smarter than the journalists who write this crap."

- Sebastian

Absolutely!  Industry is reactionary.  That's the very nature of capitalism.  The gun industry didn't decide to go "hey, lets start pumping out millions of these AR-15 dohickey's and then try and make people want to buy them." No, they responded to demand, and like Sebastian points out many in the industry were very resistant to the change. (Zumbo anyone?!)  I am not the least bit surprised that leftists would fail to understand this, because hey, they're leftists.

As for Sebastian's question, I'm not sure they ever will.  Leftists are in such deep denial about such a great number of things that I honestly don't think they will recognize it.  They hate us.  They want us marginalized.  We are freedom loving people with guns, and thus we are like very real boogeymen in the closet that they don't want to recognize are actually there.

They live in a completely different reality than us and they think in a completely different way.  Instead of being smarter than the journalists who write this crap, they lap that crap up and regurgitate it without thinking, and they continue to do so even after being informed of the facts.

See the whole NRA = Gun Lobby as an example.  These folks are Sad But Predictable, and recognizing that the NRA is a civil rights organization that would not exist if not for the millions of American men and women who pay them voluntarily would burst their ideological bubble, and so they live in denial.  This is of course their natural state.

The Left can't even recognize that there IS a vibrant gun culture comprised of a melting pot of normal, everyday people from all walks of life, nor can they separate this from the "thug culture" that is the root of our violent crime problems.

Also, I don't think we can overlook the driving force behind exactly why the AR-15 became so popular.  Its immense popularity came about because a bunch of leftists told us we couldn't have them.  We may have elected Obama, but this is still a country in which many, many people are inclined to say "Fuck You!" to the government when they tell us what we aren't allowed to own.

The AR-15 is my only modern long gun, and my first rifle.  I bought it for one reason.  Because of bunch of smarmy assholes told me I shouldn't be "allowed" to own one.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

You hit the Nail on the Head!

Leftist/Marxist/Progressive Socialist "Thinking" is based on the Collective. Each Individual is REQUIRED to be only a "Part of the Whole," with an Assigned Role to Play. The concept of "Self-Defense" CANNOT be Processed in their Minds, because the very concept of the "Self" does not fit!

So only those whose Role is to Provide Security to the Collective, like LEOs and the Military are "ALLOWED" to have Firearms.

Wherein, on the Right/Conservative/Libertarian/"Leave Me Alone" side of the Spectrum, the "Self" is Paramount, and the concept of "Self-Defense" is such a Natural Thought Process, that the very Threat of taking away the Tools that MIGHT be needed for Self-Defense generates so much Backlash that people are Maxing out Credit Cards and paying Exorbitant prices for Guns, Ammo, Magazines, etc "Just in Case."

And I see no way to close the Gap. All the "Moderation/ Bipartisanship/ "Reaching across the Aisle"/Compromises are now a waste of Time and Effort, because the Left is SCARED that their Next Generation of the Collective will be Slaughtered like those poor Children in Newtown. So to eliminate the Threat to the Collective, the Left, where they have Political Power, is doing all it can to Disarm those whom they THEY see as a Threat. And if the Right won't go along with all the New Laws, I fully expect the Left to send in the "Warrior Drones" to GET THOSE GUNS NOW!

Wherein, the Right, who KNOW that All the Laws in the World wouldn't have stopped Newtown, are reaching the Point where their Natural Enemy is now placing themselves into the "High Threat" Category by their Legal Maneuvering. And "Molan Labe" is being taken VERY SERIOUSLY.

But the Leftist Politicians refuse to acknowledge the REAL Polling Data, the record Sales as reported by the NICS System, and the lack of Ammo on the Shelves. Because the very idea that there are people out their who reject their Premise is So Large, they have to hide in Denial.

And the Venal Political Power Hungry Wannabe Kings who are in Charge (because they Gamed the System) are just waiting for the Chance to get Total Control.

Bottom Line: I think there's no going back. I think I understand how people in the 1850's felt about the Slavery Issue, and I DREAD what's coming.

On a Personal Note: Take a LONG, HARD look at the Anti-Gun Legislation that might be passed down their in "Biden Land." Go through your Safe, and see what will be "Politically Correct" to own. Get 2-3 of those "Safe" Firearms in EACH Class ( Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun) and the Ammo and "Legal" Accessories for them. Send the rest off to Trusted Friends in Free States for Safe Keeping.

And if you don't think it could happen to YOU, just ask Zercool.