Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quote of the Day - Lame Response

"This is about how we’ve come to accept these events; how we almost take them in stride, because, you know… Freedom.
I’m so sick of that lame response. I’m sick of hearing about the freedom to arm yourself to the teeth because, you know… Government."

- Pandora - speaking about the newtown shooting

Freedom is a lame response. Asserting your rights, your freedoms in the face of bigots who want to strip you of them.....for the children is a "lame response." That tells you everything you could ever need to know about people like her.


Weapons Canada said...

Yes, it's a shame tragedies like those are so politicized and people are so quick to try and gain political "capital" from them, thus not seeing the bigger picture and problem.

Anonymous said...

When the issue is abortion or gay marriage, the right to "freedom of choice" takes priority over any other considerations. When the issue is gun ownership, freedom is a "lame response." Leftists are for freedom of choice, but only as long as they can dictate what choices are available.

Anonymous said...

Good points, Anonymous. These DE Liberal folks sound like they're complete lunatics.