Tuesday, March 12, 2013


$805 + shipping for a case of 9mm!

Jesus christ people!  Are you really that hard up for 9mm that you're willing to pay over $40 per box?!  Nuts.


Alan said...

If I didn't have ANY and I needed some I guess I'd pay whatever price was necessary.

But damn.

I'm glad I'm not trying to compete in IDPA now. I expect competition shooters that don't have a sponsor (almost everyone) are hurting now.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, we can get 9mm Blaser Ball for around $25 a box of 50 at SOME PLACES SOMETIMES, usually Rationed to 2-3 boxes a Customer per day.

But then the word Spreads, and the Shelves get empty in a couple of hours, and then it's a couple of weeks.

So the going rate is about 50 cents a round Retail up here in the Cleveland Area.

Which is why I'm taking some "Overstock" to the Gun show this Weekend, and see if I can get 50 cents a round. I'll let you know.

Oh BTW? 22lr? 5.56 Nato? FORGET ABOUT IT! Haven't SEEN any since Newtown at all!

Anonymous said...

I can find 22LR, .380, and .45 acp all day long but i'm not finding ANY .357, .38 special, or 5.7x28mm unless it's extremely over priced