Sunday, March 24, 2013

Magazine Capacity and Mass Shootings

I thought about this today, based on things I've been hearing on Facebook and the current proposals to ban magazines that hold X number of rounds.

It was Joe Huffman's excellent post and video

I hope he doesn't mind me embedding his video

40 shots.  Under 17 seconds.  10 round mags  So what if Joe uses my Sig P6 with 8 round mags instead of his STI?  Great, so he has to reload one more time, adding maybe 2 seconds.  40 shots in 19 seconds.

By comparison in these mass shootings the murderer has an eternity to methodically kill innocent people. He is the aggressor, he has the advantage of defenseless, unarmed victims and  no one shooting back.  A matter of a few extra seconds to change mags doesn't change things for him.  Contrast this with someone who has to use their gun in self-defense.  They don't have plenty of time.  Things aren't likely to be happening slowly and methodically.  Hell, there may be more than one assailant.  No.  Someone is trying to kill them, and they need to stop the threat NOW.  Having their gun run dry could quite literally result in their death and / or the death of their loved ones.  Having their gun jam because of crappy 10 round "reduced capacity" mags could be the difference between life and death.

When a crazy psycopath is murdering a roomful of sitting ducks an extra mag change or two is of little consequence.  When a person is defending his or her life or the lives of loved ones it means everything.  This is why you don't see cops on the street clamoring for their departments to ditch normal magazines and issue them 10 round mags.

I would love to have anti-gun legislators watch this video and then tell me that unarmed people are supposed to effectively rush and kill / subdue a murderer after he stops to reload his gun with 10 round mags....


Bubblehead Les. said...

There are certain States that will pass Draconian Gun Laws no matter what. They have Uber-Liberal Legislatures and Governors, plus they are being supported by Bloomberg Money and Biden Political Pressure. To have the RKBA safe in those States will take a wholesale turn over of the State Government in the next Election Cycle.

Unfortunately, some of them are Lost, and will have to be "Liberated" via National Legislation and Supreme Court Rulings, and that could take years.

Delaware is a Lost State, like New York, Mass, Conn,

In all seriousness, the best YOU can do if you chose to stay there AND enjoy the RKBA is to place your Semi-Auto Firearms that WILL be banned along with their Magazines in a nearby Free State for long- term Storage, and go with Revolvers, Single Stacks, Lever Guns, Bolt Guns and Pump Shotguns.

You have to realize that it doesn't matter at ALL about Reload Time, Mag Capacity in Home Defense, etc to the Anti-Gunners. THEY DON'T CARE! They NEED to have the Public Disarmed and/or at a Tactical Disadvantage compared to THEIR Armed Cops. And if people did because the Goblins won't play along, all the better. Then they can go for Round Two, which is ALL Guns being Banned and Confiscated.

And they don't give a Damn about the Constitution. Period.

Your Move.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Obama or Feinstein tackle a homicidal maniac while he's busy changing magazines.