Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Something's Wrong Here

While Obama and the left are bitching about the sequester, which is no more than a ~2% cut in the rate of increase in federal spending, the Obama White House spends $277,000 per year of my money to have a few calligraphers.

There are a myriad of other examples just like this, yet listen to the media and this tiny "cut" that isn't a cut is a monumental "the sky is falling" moment.

Imagine you make $40K per year, you are $4 million in debt, and you're currently spending $150K per year and plan to spend $165K next year..........Your accountant suggests you cut your future spending from $165K to $161K by just slightly cutting back on the hookers and blow.  Suddenly you go apeshit and have a temper tantrum because how dare he make such a suggestion that will obviously financially cripple you!

Yeah. It's kinda like that, and idiots actually believe the "harsh, damaging, everything's going to fall apart" cuts BS that the administration and the media are peddling.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Yeah, but there's one problem. People ARE losing their Jobs, Mike. Defense is already to start implementing Furloughs TOMORROW, and half the Navy's Carriers are "Welded to the Pier," just for example.

See OldNFO for details.

And let's not forget ICE releasing over 2,000 Illegals because of "Budget Shortfalls" (yet they haven't seemed to kill their Ammo Purchases, though).

Yeah, you're right about this Regime playing Games, but ordinary folks on the Lower Level of the Gooberment ARE getting Screwed right this minute.