Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"You'd Probably Be Dead Anyway"

It's not even a minute long video, but damn if this doesn't show exactly what anti-rights, anti-gun Democrats think of people who think they should be able to defend themselves.

The smugness, the level of outright, unabashed contempt these liberal politicians have for their constituents is truly appalling. It's not just her words "You'd probably be dead anyway."  It's her body language, that disgusting smirk she has on her face just after she says it.  She may as well have stood up and said "fuck you. I hope you die."  Basically that's what she said anyway.

This folks, is Diana DeGette (D) from Colorado.  With individuals like this running things is it any wonder Colorado just voted to drive out good jobs and screw over gun owners.  These people hate us.

H/T to Alan


Bubblehead Les. said...

Well,it is good from an Intelligence Standpoint to see the Enemy w/o their Camouflage on.

It'll be up to the Voters of Colorado to flush their system of these Vermin.

Too Bad YOU live in a State where any attempt to Flush these Turds down the Bowl is just a waste of Water.

bluesun said...

F*ck Denver! 2014!