Monday, May 20, 2013

Da. Is Mosin

So, anyone want to help me decosmoline a Mosin in exchange for some beer?  Jay G.?  Nancy? 


Bob S said...

Welcome to the Club !!!

Awesome purchase dude. Brake cleaner is one method. You can also use the hot car method -- that works really well here in Texas.

Of course, interiors in our cars can get in the 140+ on spring days; higher in summer.

Chaplain Tim said...

Rubbing alcohol on a piece of cloth will get the cosmoline off of the wood. Let it soak for a while and it will even pull the embedded grease out of the pores of the wood.
Carry wiping cloths with you when you take it to the range- it will start to ooze once you get it warmed up.

Geodkyt said...

Mineral spirits (or kerosene) to clean the metal. Soak & toothbrush. Oil (NOT WD40!) afterwards, just a light coat (barely shows a fingerprint).

For the wood:

What I found worked REALLY well, even if it was tedious, was oven cleaner on the wood. Works best if wood is warm (summer sun is plenty). Spray on and wait a couple of minutes. Scrape stock goo with soft spatula or green scrubbie. Sometimes use a toothbrush, rags on strings as pull throughs, or a pipecleaner (in holes).

Decontaminate under running water for several minutes, as if trying to clean up after a nerve gas attack. Let wood dry to touch.

Repeat, until stock looks like driftwood, and long exposure to heat (such as wrapped in plastic in the sun) no longer causes cosmo to sweat out, and the wood looks like driftwood.

Then treat the stock as you would any dried out old stock and refinish. I managed to hit the right combination of wood stain to duplicate the color of Moisin stocks, buffed out the feathering with 600 grit paper, then sealed the stock (including in screw holes) with almost a matte satin polyurethane, hand rubbed in while the wood was warm. Let each coat dry at least 96 hours, and buffed with super fine sandpaper between coats.

Final product looks like an original fairly clean Moisin ("shellac drips" and all), is watersealed, AND, even sitting in a sealed car in August, does NOT sweat Cosmolene. Little to no Cosmolene on the sling dogs.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Bring it down to Nancy's Shoot. I have some extra Moisin Stuff available that needs a Good Home.

Glenn B said...

Is that your first Nagant? Good for you.

I used a variety of methods to clean my milsurp rifles. I like to place the bolts into the oven on low heat for awhile. Sure I take em apart to if I know how but if I don't the heat melts all the cosmo out of em.

I have also used oven cleaner, brake cleaner, alcohol (making sure never to mix them), lots of elbow grease and a lot of old rags. It all comes off sooner or later.

Have fun with the Nagant.

All the best,