Monday, July 1, 2013

Anti-Gun blissninnies in Rehoboth

I mentioned to Laura last week that there was a gunshop opening up in Rehoboth Beach, DE and a bunch of anti-gun blissninnies were gettting their panties in a bunch about it.  There's currently not a single gun store in the town, and given that all private sales are banned as of today, there's a huge need for more gun shops. I wanted to stop by but it turns out their storefront isn't actually open yet.

Apparently Laura found an actual article whereas all I had was word of mouth.

I love this whole "It's not a good fit" "It's the wrong image for the area." BS.  It'll be a small shop that sells a legal product.  I guarantee you there are FFL dealers around that people don't even realize are there.  Hell, my FFL's business is out of his house, in the neighborhood across from where my parents live.

I hope I never run into Ada Loper while OC'ing around town, because frankly, she doesn't sound like she has much in the way of critical thinking skills.... 
West Rehoboth resident Ada Loper said a gun shop is the last thing the neighborhood needs.

"I just heard the sign was up, and that was it," "It looks sneaky to me."
She said she would expect to get a letter or something indicating a new business was coming to the area.

"We don't need any guns around here," It's just the wrong thing for the area … That's going to bring more crime to the area."

Yeah, well that's kinda how businesses happen.  The first notice I get that there's a new business in town is when a sign goes up in front of the business.  Imagine that!  The Horror!  A business with a sign, new building and no inventory yet looks "sneaky?"  Wow.  She wants to receive a letter anytime a new business opens in town?  Does that happen anywhere in the U.S.?  Just imagine the clusterfuck it'd be if it did.

Also, the level of central planning groupthink obvious from the anti-gunners in the article is good for a laugh.  Yeah, they should bring in a coin operated laundromat instead of a gun shop?  Catts is reacting to market demand, like any good capitalist.

The fact that these folks are worried about young hoodlums cutting into the side of the building in order to burglarize the shop shows normal folks exactly where the problems in the community lie.  These folks are so blind though, that they're focused on the icky gun shop.

In the end articles like this are great for business owners like Mr. Catts.  The added free publicity and the fact that these sad antis want him shut down will only help drive people to his fledgling business.

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MrGlockster said...

It's always amusing seeing the overreaction of anti-gunners to things like this. Give it another year or two and the shop will be part of the background - people will walk past it without giving it a second look. But in the meantime, the shop owner is getting plenty of free publicity. Nice one!