Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maryland is Wonderful

In case you don't know, Maryland has a 7 day waiting period for handguns / assault weapons and they run a separate State level background check rather than just running a simple NICS federal check. This is done through the MSP and since lots of Marylanders are buying guns, they're completely backlogged. Legally dealers can release guns to owners after the 7 day wait is up, regardless of whether the State has completed it's check. This is why I can't stand people who say background checks aren't an infringement. If the State can use them to delay the exercise of your rights that's an infringment. After all, Dr. King said "A right delayed is a right denied." Sure, the MSP "Say" they're backlogged, but how much of it is actual backlog and how much of it is them sitting there with their thumbs up their asses, dragging their feet on purpose. I have no doubt whatsoever that anti-gun states / jurisdictions would use this as a means of keeping honest folks from exercising their rights. This would also become a problem if we got nationwide "Universal background checks" shoved down our throats. NICS already experiences delays & system issues during peak gun buying periods, not to mention the false denials and delays that occur regularly. A woman with an abusive ex-husband who is looking for her and has vowed to kill her tries to buy a gun, only to be told. "Oh, we're sorry, the background check system is backlogged right now. Try again in 3 months." A month later her mangled body ends up in a shallow ditch on the side of the road. The Baltimore Sun titles the article "Guns released to buyers with criminal histories" when this entire issue is caused by gun control. If they simply used NICS like most of the rest of the country this wouldn't have happened. Or, y'know, if the anti-gunners in MD hadn't caused the increase in purchases by ramming through even more bullshit legislation. Oh, and I love this bit "State police consult 16 different databases to decide whether a gun purchaser should be disqualified, a process that takes roughly 15 minutes per application." Oh yeah, that's efficient, and with 16 different databases I'm sure there are hardly any false positives at all.... And to think, there was once an America with historically low crime rates, where you could buy pretty much any gun you wanted at your local gun shop, hardware store, from your buddy or through the mail, all without a background check.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Imagine what would happen if a Person of a Certain Ethnic Heritage was told on Election Day that they can't Vote yet, because when they Registered 50 days ago, the State still has another 50 days to process the forms.