Friday, May 23, 2014

Delaware CCDW Update

I filed my application for a Delaware CCDW the first week in April, so it's been 6 weeks.  I e-mailed the Superior Court this morning and this is the response I received.  One thing that I like is, they are very prompt about responding to e-mail inquiries.

" Mr. Mike W.,

due to the astronomical volume of filings and the multi-layered process involved, we are asking that you allow 6 months for processing.  The court appreciates your patience and understanding during the wait."

My bet would be that "astronomical volume of filings" means they got a few thousand CCDW applications at most.  There really aren't that many folks who bother to go through the process because well, one, it's a big pain in the ass, two, it's expensive as hell compared to most states, three, you've got to publish your name and address in the paper, which people are very reluctant to do.

If / when I get my "you're approved" letter, I'll take the class, get the permit, and then immediately drive up to PA to apply for a PA non-resident permit.


Anonymous said...

Mike, I will check with Texas for you. Most of the officers around here will use officer's discretion and honor all permits from other states.

Anonymous said...

I went through the Delaware process last summer and it took 4 weeks. Some counties are MUCH slower than others.

Mike W. said...

Anon - Well Kent and Sussex counties (which are pretty solidly RED) are pretty quick from what I hear, and are effectively "shall issue." New Castle County, where I live, is very blue, more picky about who they issue to, and VERY VERY slow from what I've heard.