Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hanging it up

It's been pretty obvious that I haven't been posting here with nearly the regularity that I used to, and there's a bunch of reasons for that.  The biggest reason is, I'm just tired of it.  I feel like I'm repeating myself too often.  Living behind enemy lines in a blue state, with a roommate who, politically, is an Obamabot moron, and a father who remains dissollusioned enough to still believe that "if we got rid of all the guns society would be safer" It's just tiring.

 I know a lot of you say we are winning, and objectively I know that's true.  However, it's hard to feel that way when you live in Obama's blue state America.  Hell, I just spent ~$200 on permit crap for a Delaware CCDW for the privilege of waiting for months to see whether some judge & folks at the AG's office are going to allow me to carry concealed in this state.

I haven't been paying attention to news, politics etc. nearly as often, though occasionally something someone posts on Facebook will catch my eye.  Working out, reading, going to the brewery, spending time with friends & family, outside walking the dog, hanging out at the beach, making it to all the nephews lacrosse games on the weekends, all are far more fulfilling things to do than firing up a laptop & posting here.  Y'know, that thing called life.  I'll be at the beach for the next 6 weekends in a row :)

Sure, this doesn't mean this blog will lay completely dormant.  I may still fire up a post whenever, but as far as actual, regular blogging, yeah, not so much.  I still have some posts on CP that I'd like to get up which I think may be of interest to some of you, and I'm sure if I go through my drafts folder there are plenty of posts I can go hit "publish" on.

I suppose this post is no more than a formal acknowledgement of what was already the case.

Have a great summer everyone.  And keep up the fight for our rights!


Laura said...

eh, you're in good company. i only post when something directly affects Marylanders. everyone else has already gotten to posting anything else i might find.

Alan said...

Welcome to blog semi-retirement.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Ah, Mike! Not you too! Damm it, just when I finally started my Blog. Well, as the old commercial once said: "We'll keep the light on for you."