Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother Jones Dishonesty about the NRA

Typical leftist claptrap about the NRA over at Mother Jones about the "NRA's shadowy leaders."  Yes, committees ultimately decide who serves on the board, but at least the rank and file NRA membership has a voice in the matter.  Anti-gunners?  They don't get to choose who leads their organizations, since they have no grassroots, paying membership in the first place.

Mother Jones pulls out the tired old "But NRA members really, really want more gun control" polling numbers.  No. they don't.  If the NRA suddenly started pushing universal background checks, magazine capacity restrictions and the like they would lose a massive number of members and the backlash would be epic.

The entire tone of the article is that NRA members want more gun control, but the NRA, with its shadowy corporate connections to the big, bad, obviously EVIL gun industry just won't allow that.  I did find this bit interesting, as it was used as a reason why the NRA won't support gun control that anti-gun liberals keep telling everyone that NRA members want, and I quote,

"One answer may be their ties to the $11.7 billion gun industry"

Oh yes, the big, bad gun industry that wields all this influence over millions, and literally forces guns into our hands and magically thwarts gun control.....  In reality the gun industry is small potatoes.

Nike made $12 billion in profits last year.  That's more than the entire gun industry combined.

The anti-gun crowd doesn't understand true grassroots support because it has none.  As a result they have to accuse the pro-rights crowd of.......astroturfing.  Yes, the anti-gunners, who have no dues paying members, no convention, no blogger meetups, and a rich billionaire tyrant bankrolling their entire operation with $50 Billion have the chutzpah to accuse us of astroturfing.  I guess the historic recall of Democrats who pushed gun control in Colorado was the result of astroturf, and not one engaged 28 year old plumber who got a recall petition started.  It's interesting that Mother Jones fails to mention that Shannon Watts, the bigoted head of Moms Demand Action, gets a hefty salary and armed security paid for by Bloomberg.


Unknown said...

Long time no see, Mike. I see you're still dishing out the bullshit and singing the company song. Your position is that the gun manufacturing industry has no influence over the NRA or lawmakers in Washington? Is that it?

Katsi duzynski said...

I was just curious was Mother Jones (the person not the liberal rag)actually anti gun..I tried to search it but all I could find was Mother Jones magazine propaganda..