Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We are our own worst enemy sometimes

Wandered over to the local Delaware Open Carry site and, upon reading the thread about target "banning" guns, what do I see?

This statement....by member Stephpd.  There was also a long facebook thread that got deleted.  In that thread folks like me were basically said to be "not true defenders of the 2A" because we correctly pointed out the realities.  That OC of long guns and carrying guns "at people" is NOT helping.  And two, that we are behind enemy lines here in DE, and that this kind of behavior here in DE would lead to OC becoming illegal in my state with the quickness.  Seriously.  You want Delaware to become the new Maryland?  Start getting groups of tone deaf morons together open carrying AR's into Chuck-E-Cheese.  If you want to win hearts and minds I'm positive that antagonizing folks and generally scaring the ever living shit out of people is not the way to do it.

"Believe it or not they never OC'd long guns into Target, nor in the parking lots. But they did protest out on the sidewalks, on public property, around Target."

So he's saying no one ever open carried inside a target or in a Target parking lot?!  *HEADDESK*
I'm sorry but to say that you'd have to believe that every single photo of someone OC'ing a long gun in Target was a fake.  Every. Single. One.  I cannot even wrap my head around how out of touch with reality that statement is.

We fought hard last session and the anti's were still able to get background checks and lost and stolen past. Why?  Political realities.  We have a democratically controlled legislature.  That means they're openly hostile to our rights already.  We don't even have the political clout to get shall-issue CCDW passed in Delaware.  Hell, we don't even have the political clout to get it brought up.

 Like it or not, if the Dems got the political will to do it they could crush gun ownership in this state in much the same way it's been crushed in Maryland.  Yes, technically you can OC an AR down market street in downtown Wilmington, but from a practical standpoint it's moronic and is not going to advance your rights.  It simply amazes me that I have to sit people down and explain this to them like they're children, and then I'm chided as if I'm "unpatriotic" when I do.


Kendal Black said...

The open carry activists are not advancing the cause they outwardly support, but instead bring upon us negative results in legislation, bad press and bans from places of business.

They have to know it. They can't not know it. Their results are consistently harmful and they keep it up.

What is really going on here?

How it looks to me: http://shootery.blogspot.com/2014/07/open-silliness.html

Anonymous said...

Some open carry activists may have good intentions combined with bad judgement. But a lot of them are just exhibitionists seeking their fifteen minutes of fame on Youtube. And some are almost certainly agents provocateurs for the anti-gun activists.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Regarding your Delaware "Shall-Issue" problem, Mike. Get the Arizona CHP. 100% Reciprocity, and it's issued to ANY Legal Resident or Citizen ANYWHERE THEY LIVE!

Got mine in my Wallet, and I can CC in Delaware right this second.

Seriously, check it out.

Geodkyt said...

Yeah, the photos OCT posted on THEIR OWN FACEBOOK PAGE of their members (Heck, the same guy is prominently identifiable in several of them) were all faked by the antis. Sure. {/sarcasm}

Geez, the militant OC activists are crazy. . .

Mike W. said...

Les - YOU can carry concealed in DE on an AZ non-res permit. However, DE residents MUST have a DE CCDW in order to carry concealed here. No other way to do it.

And I already have an AZ permit :)