Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Adios Uberposts

Kevin over at The Smallest Minority was one of those bloggers who not only got me interested in starting blogging, but whose blog was instrumental in the formation of my own political philosophy way back when I was a teenager.  That is, a philosophy rooted in reason, individual liberty, and objective fact.

I look around now and I see people who are ignorant, who do not even know what they do not know, and have no desire to learn.  The body politic, when told "the direction of the country is unsustainable!" refuse to recognize it and worse, do not care.

Bread and circuses indeed.  I used to truly believe the ideals of our founders were sustainable in the long run in America.  While I still believe I live n the greatest country on earth, and that merely being born here is a blessing the world over, I'm not sure the Individual Liberty, rights, and economic liberties our Founders fought for are salvagable in the long term.

I wrote, back in the summer of what was perhaps my personal favorite post

"A tyranny may one day come to be but if we lose the initial, more important fight then our once free nation will fade into obscurity. If that spirit, courage, that flame of liberty no longer exists among a majority of our countrymen, then those who do "hoist the black flag and start splitting throats"will fight alone. They won't have an enthusiastic, liberty-minded citizenry leading the charge with them and their efforts will be futile. Our goal needs to be keeping that flame lit."

My roommate took serious issue with my characterization of government as a "necessary evil" the other day.  Living with a leftist has taught me one thing, it is that we talk past each other on issues of rights, liberty, and economic freedom because for him, the foundation isn't there.  The concept of government as a "necessary evil" was controversial to him.  That one moment encompassed how the pro-socialist camp and the pro-liberty camp politically speak a different language.  It embodies our national problem on a micro scale.  And it highlights another problem.  Divisiveness.  I could not disagree with him enough politically, but he's still a good man, and I still consider him a friend.

So yes, while I love this country and all it stands for, I'm done too.  I'm still pro-gun, pro-liberty and proud of it, and that will never change.

Judge Learned Hand wrote,

"Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it."

It will never die in me, and sure, I may rarely post here, but right now I'm living my life, enjoying it, trying to learn something new everyday and be a better man that I was the day before.  Then, when I fail at that, because we all fail sometimes, try to look inward so that I may better myself on this journey we call life.  Been through some tough, and at times Crazy shit the past year and a half or so, and it's been a blessing in disguise as I've learned much about myself.

Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, and what is life?  To me it's trying to live with integrity and honor, being honest with myself when I fail to live up to that ideal, being there for myself so that I can be there for others when needed, and being grateful to those who care enough and have the integrity to call me out when I fail to live up to that.

As Kevin said,

"I'm pretty much done being outraged by it all."

So I'll be here, sitting back and enjoying the simple, good things in life. :)


Elizabeth Hanson said...

Unfortunately our rights are being chipped away on a daily basis. I used to be one of those people who just kept quite and to myself. But now I realize that those of us who love liberty have to speak up in order to keep them. Good job to you for blogging about it. Your voice will then be heard.

Lauren Ventosa said...

I know what you mean about talking past leftists. I used to get outraged, but it's at a point right now where I realize we are coming from two complete opposite perspectives.

Not sure if you've noticed this, but libertarianism has been getting more and more attention in the media. Good and bad. I've chosen to just ignore the bad because it's just a skewed perspective of what freedom and liberty is.

Keep up the good fight.

Jeremy said...

Great article - definitely some good stuff to think about. Befriending liberals can be difficult for me personally.