Wednesday, May 8, 2019

I'm not dead

I've been meaning to post here, but, life happens.  I've been way too busy at work, haven't done much gun stuff, and am pretty much burnt out on news / politics.

I've bought a house, put down my dog, and rescued a 4 month old puppy.

There's much going on in the gun world in Delaware, none of it good.  The Red State / Blue State balkanization continues, with individual liberty continually being crushed in the states controlled by Democrats, and not just on the gun front.

Maybe the Courts will save Delaware and other Blue States, maybe not, but it's hard to be hopeful about gun rights and equally hard to continue to fight for them here.  The democrats in DE hear us loud and clear, they know exactly what they're doing.  They want to destroy us.

Their attitude is  "Fuck You.  Sit down and shut up, peasant!"  They fancy themselves like British nobles who will proudly put boots to the necks of us little people.  Point out that they will turn good, peacable citizens into felons?  They don't care.  It's a feature not a bug, because they view us with contempt, are drunk with power, and in their minds, the more of us they can harm the better.

I don't know what the answer is, but what's the point in writing, in e-mailing, in calling, in protesting, etc. when the democrats control our legislature now.   They were furious when we were able to stop a mag ban and assault weapons ban last session.  The little guys stopped them, and now that they have the votes, it's retribution.  "Know your place, peasant, boots to the necks, harder!"

I have long said that DE should be far worse on guns except that our legislature for whatever reason didn't seem to care much for pushing gun control.  Well, that's over now, anda like the Terminator these people will never, ever stop.

Word is CCDW changes are coming, think, no carry, IE NJ / MD.  I suspect the next thing will be a ban on purchases of long guns by 18-21 year olds and restrictions on hunting and hunting licenses in order to extinguish what's left of the pro-gun culture in Delaware and stifle the next generation.

Maybe the Courts will save us, but I have little faith.

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