Wednesday, December 26, 2007

christmas recap

My brother had to work a half shift on Christmas Day so we stopped by his new house to celebrate for a bit. Everyone got to exchange presents, get a tour of the new place, and hang out with the nephews for a while. Josh liked his gift and we talked guns. His duty weapon is chambered for .357 SIG which is an interesting looking round. The front half looks like a 9mm round, then there's a bit of a "hump" and the back half is larger. It seems more and more cops are moving away from the 9mm. My dad was clearly annoyed both by what we were discussing and by my gun-related gift. He was especially bothered by the fact that my 11 year old nephew now has his own gun for hunting season.

Christmas was good, albeit a bit crazy with all the people and kids running around. The weather was amazing. I played football outside with Tylor for about an hour in a T-shirt and wasn't cold. Further Christmas details will come later since I'm at work.

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