Friday, December 14, 2007

If you see a gunman shooting people

Be a sheep, only worse. Sheep wouldn't fight back, but at least they'd run.

h/t to David Codrea - The War On Guns for the link

Alvin Police Chief Mike Merkel said there are three things shoppers need to know if they are trapped in a chaotic shooting situation inside a mall.

First, stand still.

"They're going to pick out individuals who are running to or away from them," Merkel said. "Standing still may keep you from becoming a victim."

Second, make yourself as small a target as possible.
"Get as close to the ground as you can," said Merkel. "Try to get behind a solid object."

STAND STILL?! yeah thats a great idea, since it's so much easier to hit a running target than it is to hit a stationary one. Is that how he trains his officers to respond to a threat? Stand still? This guys advice is on par with the idiot recommendations on the Illinois State Police website regarding what to do if someone tries to rape you.

Making yourself a smaller target is fine, but it's useless if you're standing still. You may as well kneel down against the wall and wait for the shooter to put a bullet in your head. If you're stationary it's not going to matter how small you make yourself or how close to the ground you get.

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