Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some people deserve death

Family of 6 murdered in Washington

"McEnroe shot 5-year-old Olivia Anderson in the head "at very close range," said Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg. Then he turned to 3-year-old Nathan Anderson, the last survivor in the home.

The boy had picked up the batteries McEnroe had torn from the phone and held them up in one hand. McEnroe told detectives the child gave him "... the look of complete comprehension ... as if he understood." McEnroe then shot him in the head as well"

I'm all for this guy being publicly drawn & quartered, but I guess that'd be cruel & unusual punishment. My personal opinion is that cruel & unusual crimes deserve cruel & unusual punishments conducted in public.

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Kevin said...

Nope, just the death penalty - immediately and positively. Take 'em out behind the courthouse, one round of 12 gauge deer slug at contact range to the base of the skull, and let the corpse fall into a dumpster for disposal.

There are crimes so heinous and guilt so obvious that the death penalty is the appropriate measure.

The rest of the time, .gov can (and does) fuck up wet dreams, so I'm far less sanguine about the death penalty in general.