Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Unpossible happening in DC...

Looks like they're having a gun buyback Can someone please tell me how that's possible when DC has some of the most stringent and blatantly unconstitutional gun laws in the U.S?

First off, how can DC "buy back" property they never owned in the first place? I'd love to see D.C. Police Chief Rainer answer that. Another thing, how do people get the guns to the buyback site? It's illegal for anyone to carry a gun in D.C. so are they granting amnesty to anyone carrying a gun to the buyback? If I'm caught carrying in D.C on the day of the buyback and I tell the police I'm just heading to the buyback can I avoid criminal possession charges?

It's laughable that they're having a buyback in a city where guns aren't allowed in the first place and they're using taxpayer money to fund it. It's even worse that they're telling people they won't charge anyone who brings a gun to the buyback with illegal possession of a firearm. They're giving them a free pass for the day I suppose.

Also, gun buybacks might be the stupidest programs ever devised to combat crime. Ignoring the fact that guns don't actually cause crime, consider this; criminals have guns in order to intimidate and live their life of crime. Why would they voluntarily give up the key tool they use for their criminal enterprise? Only three types of people are going to bring guns to these buybacks. The first are criminals looking to bring in a junk gun or broken gun in order to make a quick buck so they can go out and buy a better gun out on the street. The second are criminals looking to dump a gun that's just been used in a crime. A buyback is the perfect way for them to easily dispose of the evidence. The third are law-abiding folks with grandpa's old gun that they never used and just want out of the house.

Stupidity runs rampant in D.C.

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