Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It seems my school loves liberal indoctrination

Here's a sampling of the controversy

I haven't yet read everything regarding this, so I'm sure I'll have more to add once I do.

I'm sorry to say that I have no personal knowledge of this, as I haven't taken classes or lived on campus since Spring '07. The University of Delaware has had a Residence Life program for several years now, but in my experience it never pushed liberal ideology on students. Liberal ideas were of course prevalent on campus, but they weren't being forced on students like they are under this new program.

This year the program has been overhauled. Students are being required to engage in sensitivity training and are being asked very specific personal, ideological and political questions during required "1-on-1's" with their RA's. The "sensitivity training" is no doubt due to a few "racially themed" off-campus parties which, while in bad taste, were seriously blown out of proportion. What that training ends up being is "don't hurt others feelings." Guess what? That's not how the real world works, and you'll never say anything of any importance on controversial topics if you don't adhere to your principles and offend people with what you have to say. The material being given to students stresses the importance of sensitivity, political correctness, the "global community" etc. Additionally, Freshman are required to live on campus, so they can't escape the University's indoctrination attempts.

My sister is a Senior living on campus, so I asked her about the program. Apparently it's being enforced more vigorously in certain dorms. (probably by 1st year RA's) She said the 1-on1's this year were more formal and very awkward. She was asked questions that she thought were strange and overly personal, and some that she just didn't know how to answer. She was not given the pamphlet of materials that students in other dorms were given.

During floor meetings students are being forced to engage in dialogue on a variety of issues. My sister said to me that there wasn't much open discussion in these sessions and that they made people feel uncomfortable. She said people were being asked questions on issues and were then pressured into giving the "right answer" before the RA moved onto the next floor member. To many RA's "mandatory" doesn't really mean anything and they wouldn't really even implement the program in their dorms, but the level of coerced involvement really depends on the individual RA and Hall Director.

I can almost guarantee this program wasn't giving equal credence to those with Republican and Libertarian viewpoints. I'd bet money on it.

Boy, I would have had some extremely blunt and un-PC things to say if they'd asked me about racism, environmentalism, sensitivity training and other "policy issues." I wonder if they discussed gun control?

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