Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Made it to the range

Now that school is over my work schedule allows for Wednesday range trips, since Ommelanden is open till 8PM. Today it was just me, the older of the two Sigs, and three Delaware correctional officers. They were all "on paper" at 30 feet but without any real grouping to speak of. Not great, but still better than I could have done at that distance.

I did my usual, shooting at ~6-7 yards and rushed my shots too much. After the first target I slowed down, put two shots in the X ring, and then everything spread out again as I tried to duplicate those shots. I really should have brought the other Sig, since it has the better trigger and grips, not to mention actual sights. The rubber Pachmayr's on the newer gun make an incredible difference once my hands are oily & sweaty. Oh well. My shooting was passable until I started getting tired. I have to admit this is a bit frustrating because I leave the range thinking " I know I can shoot better than this." I suppose that just means I need to practice more.


Anonymous said...

Do you dry fire regularly?

Mike W. said...

No but I probably should. It might help lighten the trigger some.

Unknown said...

Dry fire can be done at home and will definitely help tune your trigger control. Practice at the TV. I recommend Access Hollywood or Grey's Anatomy. I usually wear a concealment holster like I'm going somewhere, and then drawing down on Jack Bauer...or maybe Mrs. Palmer because she's such a trifling snake. Magazine changes can be effectively prcticed this way as well. I need to pick up some snap caps for some realism.

Just wait til you have kids! Your range time will will become quarterly...if your lucky.