Monday, June 9, 2008

And the wait begins...

I have to get a passport photo taken today after work so I can write out a check and send everything out to Utah BCI. Then it'll be 2-3 months of waiting for my permit to arrive.

The class was long, but I actually found it quite interesting, with lots of good discussion. I did have to shoot right handed at the range, which was no fun at all.

(and Breda, the "colostomy bag" subject actually came up in discussion)


breda said...

Ha! You're kidding!

Unknown said...

Good to go. I'm in the same boat. I need to get a non-resident Florida permit, and then I'll go after some more states. I'm tired of having to disarm while traveling.

I hate permits!

Mike W. said...

Breda - Yeah one of the guys taking the class was "made" by a security guard and told the guy it was a colostomy bag.

CTone - I went with Utah because it gives you pretty much the same coverage as the FL permit at half the cost. We didn't even go over laws all that much. Spent most of the time bitching about anti's and about NJ / Philly gun laws (the instructor is a PA resident and NJ refugee)

I also had to shoot off-hand. Good god was that nerve-racking and embarrassing. Damn CP! That said, I agree w/ the instructor and am going to try and practice with my right hand since I may need it one day. I was a bit worried he may not pass me because of my abysmal performance shooting righty