Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HR6257 - The Newest Assault Weapon Ban

You can read it here, thanks to Saysuncle (who unlike the AP won't try to charge me for this link)

It looks like it was introduced by my very own Congressman Rep. Mike Castle. I can't say I'm surprised given that he's a RINO and solidly anti-gun. Sadly he has about as much chance of being voted out of office as Senator Biden does.

Notice how they call it the "Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act." Hell that title almost sounds like it could be a pro-gun bill. Of course a few lines down we see what they really should have named it. "Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act of 2008."

Hopefully we can stop this thing before it goes anywhere. On that note where is HR1022? Languishing in committee somewhere?

EDIT - For a little better idea of Rep. Castle's take on the AWB I'm posting his response to a letter written by Radnor, one of our members over at

Here's Castle's response regarding the 94' AWB back in 2004.

I have to wonder where Castle got his statistics about the 94' AWB reducing crime, since even the Clinton Administration has said otherwise.

Also, Castle is incorrect concerning the terms of the very bill he wants to renew. AR-15's and other banned weapons were still sold from 94-04 only without certain "evil" cosmetic features. Rifles manufactures "post-ban" fired the exact same rounds as those made before the ban. The AWB did not ban the possession of "assault weapons" nor high capacity magazines, and it did not even ban the transfer / sale of such weapons. The transfer / sale of banned weapons was completely legal provided they were manufactured prior to the bill's enactment. The only real effect the AWB had was to increase the demand for "pre-ban" weapons & magazines while restricting the supply (since there was no new manufacture.)

Then again, when have facts or having knowledge of the bills you propose or support ever mattered to an anti-gun politician?


mike's spot said...

I thought HR 1022 died the death it deserved a while ago. I could be wrong on that.

Zaakir Abdullah said...

I feel a large order of 30 round PMAGS about to go on my credit card.

Mike W. said...

Buy em now! is having a 1 cent shipping sale on PMAGS!