Monday, June 2, 2008

I have no real title for this post

Expect to see a few Delaware related posts from me soon. I've been wanting to to a quick rundown of State firearms laws with my thoughts. I also want to discuss the local political climate here and the curious (but marvelous) lack of gun control laws we have considering our politicians & proximity to MD / Baltimore, D.C., and Philly.

What else? I've been wanting to discuss Biden Jr.'s "community prosecution" approach he's started in the AG's office, as well as my general ideas on crime/crime control. I really need to try to meet Biden one of these days since I've had the opportunity to meet the last two DE AG's.

Everyone should try to sit in on a murder / burglarly etc. trial once in their life. It's really quite interesting especially if you get to see the cross-examinations and opening / closing statements. If you're interested in such things try to find out who the top prosecutors are in your state and sit in on their trials. Being a trial lawyer is about so much more than just the facts. So much of it is about being interesting, engaging and theatrical and not just running through a boring, dry fact-pattern in the most monotone voice possible. I won't name names as to who I've seen take which approach, but I will say that the difference between an average prosecutor and a great one is all in the delivery.

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