Friday, July 11, 2008

Anti-Gun Ads

I've been seeing this commercial on TV consistently in the past few weeks, probably 15-20 times.

Gun Crimes Hit Home

What a load of crap.


Home on the Range said...

Makes me REALLY glad I rarely watch TV.

They'd need an advertisement for high blood pressure medicine immediately following.

As Yosemite Sam would say- "Great Leaping Horney Toads - What a load of codswallop."

Mike W. said...

My dad's accompanying commentary of "see, that's what happens when people with guns get in arguments." raises my BP even more.

You'd think someone who's an LEO would know better, but he's hopelessly anti-gun.

BobG said...

Maybe what they should address is how many of those gangbangers don't have a father figure around.

Laura said...

that commercial first annoyed me, but now makes me laugh.


Mike W. said...

Well it is kinda funny since many arguments DO lead to gun fights among the demographic shown in the video.

Jose pulls his 9 out of his pants and busts a cap in juan's ass because he "disrespected" him..... and somehow that's the fault of the guns and not of people who don't know how to act like human beings.

If it weren't for the fact that so many innocents get hurt I'd be inclined to say just let em kill eachother off.