Thursday, October 23, 2008

Funny How That Happens....

I post this last thursday,

"If he's really set on a .40 S&W I'd recommend a P229, which can be cheap if you buy a CPO."

and I find this, which looks to be a hell of a deal, especially since it comes with night sights and three 12 round mags. He's got quite a selection of Sigs, including W. German P220's, a nickel P220, non-railed CPO P229's in .40 S&W and a CPO P220R.


mike's spot said...

never ordered from summit- seems to have some great stuff.

you like the sigs mike? the ones I shot I found unimpressive.

Mike W. said...

Yes, though I shoot my one P6 better than the other. The older one needs tweaking. I need a lighter trigger and I need to paint the front sight.