Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blogging on the Can

I can do it now. I bought myself a new (to me) laptop, an IBM Thinkpad T43. 2 gigs ram, 80 gig hard drive and a Pentium M processor. Certainly not a powerhouse by any means since it's old technology by now, but it's fine for my needs, it's cheap, and it works. It's a slower processor than my old HP laptop, but jesus that HP was a POS.

I do seem to be having some battery issues, but for a couple hundred bucks I can't complain. I really needed something that didn't constantly overheat and crash like crazy without warning.


Laura said...

if ye like, i can call the battery warehouse down the street from us for a price on that battery.

Mike W. said...

That would be awesome! I'm almost positive it's the battery. (and of course that's the one piece of hardware that's not warrantied)

I kept getting "No OS Found" crap and it would only boot up once every ~20 times. When it did boot it'd work but then crash w/ the BSOD.

With the battery removed it has booted up & ran fine every time.

Anonymous said...

The can would be the perfect place to read the Delaware Liberal!

Anonymous said...

As a guy who's been through 4 ThinkPads and loves his current T42, you should be very happy with that machine once you replace the battery.

It's also very well supported under any open-source OS you can name, in case you ever get tired of Windows.