Friday, January 23, 2009

.357 SIG Huh?

I went to the range today. Sadly my dad didn't join my brother and I. He went golfing since the weather was so nice. That's OK though, I'll get him to the range one of these days. We shot at Targetmaster in PA and shot a P229R DAK, P229, and P6.

If I didn't shoot the .357 SIG and my P6 back to back I could have mistaken the SIG for 9mm. Recoil isn't objectionably harsh. It's more of a quick rearward snap and then it's over with. Yes, it was more than the 9mm when I compared them, but I was expecting more.

My brother and I may have gotten our P229 mags mixed up, which is bad since his have been beat to hell during training with the DSP (he's been training new recruits all this week.) It's not really a big deal, I just need to be sure I buy a couple brand new .40/.357 SIG mags just to be sure.

He shot my P229R DAK, and I shot his duty gun, a DA/SA P229. To be honest the long DAK trigger gets tiresome after a while so it was a nice change of pace to shoot his P229. All 3 guns were 100% reliable, as I've come to expect from Sig.

I did have one "oops" moment. We'd pretty well used up the target and were shooting at the corners. I was shooting at the top right corner and hit the target carrier once. I switched to the bottom after that just to be sure I didn't do it again. Talk about feeling like a dumbass.

We did a bit of shooting from 15 and 20 yards out, and I was frankly surprised I hit anything at all, since I've never shot beyond 7-10 yards before today.

I need to shoot more. A lot more.


Jay G said...

"I need to shoot more. A lot more."

That's the quote of the week, my friend...

Mike W. said...

well my bro did give me some free ammo, as well as providing all ammo for today's trip + range fees.

He gets Speer Lawman .357 SIG for free, not to mention free 5.56 75 gr. Hornady TAP.

I just got another case of .357 in today, so I've got what I need to shoot more.

I haven't been going to the range regularly and I really need to remedy that. I'm not a great shot, but I'd like to remain at least passable.

mike's spot said...

No range day is a bad day!

the pistolero said...

I need to shoot more. A lot more.
*snerk* Doesn't everyone?

Anonymous said...

I never was to keen to the .357 SIG, I might have to take a more serious look at this, I use hydrashock 9mm. I have too many 9's and didn't feel like switching to another round (sig .357) plus I have a .357 mag.