Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shit Happens

Hecate's Crossroads reminds us all of a simple fact of life. Shit happens. Bad shit happens. It happens everywhere and to people of all ages, races, creeds, genders, etc.

Violent crime is always played off as someone else's problem, until it happens to you. Watch the news and you'll see people proclaim that "stuff like this doesn't happen around here" or "it doesnt happen to good people like Jill/Bob/Nancy. The very fact that they're even saying it is evidence that it does in fact happen. Unimaginable things like that don't happen, until they do, and anywhere they believe to be a "safe place" is, until it's not.

You can live in denial or you can accept harsh realities and be proactive. I'm happy every time I hear of someone making the latter choice.

Why am I posting this now? Because someone in my building was the victim of a strongarm robbery yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon and in a "safe" area of Wilmington. People in the office were freaking out, as if this event someone snapped them out of a mindless stupor. I don't get it, but maybe that's because I'm walking several blocks everyday into and out of what is generally regarded as a "bad" area of town. As such, I'm forced to be more acutely aware of my surroundings on a daily basis.

No place is safe and no person is safe, but those who take steps to ensure their own personal well-being are "safer." They've realized bad shit happens, and they're prepared. Now if only those people could recruit others to that basic line of reasoning. I continue to hope that my fellow American's will adopt that mindset before the bad shit visits them.


Anonymous said...

My tiny little town has had two gas stations robbed, a fast-food joint robbed twice, three home invasions, and a children's museum robbed in the past three months.

Crime happens anywhere, and anyone who does not plan for the eventuality is either a fool or a wilful victim. Personally, I choose to be neither.

Weer'd Beard said...

We have a mentally ill coworker who had a bit of a breakdown. I'll just say that that day EVERY conversation began with "Do you know where he is?"

Because I was confused what the company was going to do about it (like did he think he'd be coming in tomorrow to be fired, and maybe want to do something rash), I swung by the HR office. The HR Director told me he was going to counseling and would be out on leave for at least a week. She told me I could distribute this information to any employees who asked.

When I told my Boss what I had learned she was happy, but I said: "Well it'll all be OK unless he comes in tomorrow".

She said: "Maybe you should bring a gun tomorrow..." She then laughed nervously to make it sound like a joke.

I didn't tell her I had a 1911 under my coat while we talked.

I don't carry a gun because I think something is going to happen. I carry a gun because I will never know when something dangerous will happen until it's too late.

Oh and PS: do you chat on IRC? We were wondering if we could get you into the party over here:

mike's spot said...

Jeez Mike- Keep your head down and stay safe! Things will get worse as the economy slips- make anyone hungry enough and they'll act the predator.

Anonymous said...

I've been a policeman for 34 years and one of the first things I learned was, "There are no bad places, just bad people. And if they get in their car and drive to where you are, then you are in trouble!!"

Anonymous said...

There are basically two kinds of people who would wish to do you harm. The first is the person that wants to take something from you and the second is the insane.

Those that seek to steal will go where they can gain the most from their actions with the least risk. Places like businesses and homes in upscale areas. The insane are everywhere and are, by their nature, unpredictable.

So, it behooves a person to be prepared to defend him, or most especially her, self from attack on a moment's notice. Be armed and prepared to utilize whatever means is necessary to survive.

Mike W. said...

"prepared to utilize whatever means is necessary to survive."

This is a basic human instinct, yet if you talk to liberals it would seem as though we're conditioning people to act contrary to their most basic self-interests.

I've had folks tell me with a straight face that they'd rather be raped / killed etc. than use a firearm in self-defense. (of course they'll not object to a cop bringing a gun on their behalf)

I've got a good handle on what makes anti's think as they do, but stuff like that still leaves me dumbfounded.