Thursday, April 16, 2009

Will This Make Skyewriter Change Her Tune.....?

Obama is backing the Inter-American Arms Treaty which, among other things, includes licensing requirements and restrictions on manufacturer of not just firearms, but their components.

I seem to remember Skye saying,

"My mind will not be changed until Obama actually *does something in terms of legislation as POTUS* to prove the un-arming point."

Think she'll change her stance now, in line with her above statement?......... Keep in mind that the POTUS cannot actually write or vote on legislation, but he can support legislation, treaties, etc.

Taking a quick look at Sebastians post, I find these two parts particularly scary.

"establish a cooperative process for sharing information between national law-enforcement agencies investigating arms smuggling."


"States Parties shall exchange among themselves, in conformity with their respective domestic laws and applicable treaties, relevant information on matters such as:
a. authorized producers, dealers, importers, exporters, and, whenever possible, carriers of firearms, ammunition, explosives, and other related materials."

Do we really want the U.S. government giving sensitive, private information on U.S. citizens to corrupt governments like Mexico? And what are "other related materials?"


none said...

This treaty is another underhanded attempt at gun control.

He knows he can't get it passed over the table so under he will go.

We need to start writing our Senators now before they ratify this piece of garbage.

Here is the whole thing

mike's spot said...

why do people refuse to believe our president is anti-gun? why is that such a terrible thing for them to accept?

he's anti-gun. It pisses us off. some people need to stop pretending he's not.

Weer'd Beard said...

Oddly enugh Skye can't talk about 2nd Amendment supporters without calling names (of course those comments she made-up CERTAINLY vindicate her *snicker*)

So she herself is anti-gun, and probably agreeable to an all-out ban of personal firearms, and repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

So why does she feel the need to protect a president who agrees with her?

the pistolero said...

Will This Make Skyewriter Change Her Tune.....?Negative, Ghostrider. These people live in fantasy worlds where up is down and black is white. Wouldn't be so bad if they'd let us live in the real world. But no. They want to drag us into their world. By force of arms, if necessary.

Mike W. said...

The title of the post was meant to be rhetorical and sarcastic.

If I've learned anything over the past few years it's that bigots rarely change their tune.

In fact, they usually dig in even harder when someone comes along and confronts/highlights their bigotry.