Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bigotry On Display

Again the tolerant progressives put their bigotry on display, and it's not pretty. I only read the article and the first 20 or so comments and that was more than enough. Can you really blame these folks though? They're merely following Dear Leader and channeling his contempt for gun owners.

I love how they call the NRA's ad campaigns against Obama "misinformation." It may be inconvenient if you're an Obama fanboy, but by no means was it "misinformation."

Nevermind that though, liberal/progressive "tolerance" is in full swing in the comments. It reads quite a bit like the comment thread of a gun post somewhere like Delaware Liberal or IggyDonnelly but without the accompanying logical and factual smackdown from the pro-gun crowd.

H/T to Sebastian PGP


Anonymous said...

I like your Gun Blog. I'm trying to start one at S Dent guns, but I know it won't be as good as yours..... but I'll try.

Mike W. said...

Interesting site Sugar. Looks good and I hope you continue to update it.