Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh Noes!

I've been with The Firm for nearly two and a half years now and this is the 1st time anyone has ever noticed that I carry a pocket knife. It was our personal trainer who apparently carries a Gerber Paraframe and wanted to know what I had.

A far different reaction than what I occasionally saw at the University of Delaware which was "Oh noes, he's carrying a knife!" God forbid someone actually saw me using it to cut something.

It's possible that carrying one is against company policy (I doubt it, but I don't have our policies here to look at) but this is a decidedly hippie-free environment so it'd probably never be an issue. At UD I actually had one woman who was visually disturbed when my Benchmade Mini Pika came off of my pocket during physical therapy. Yes, our universities are turning out people who have a negative reaction to a 2.9 inch knife in the closed position. Is it any wonder we're becoming more and more like the UK everyday?


Laura said...

i'm so glad i share an office with two guys who are open to discussion about this stuff.

one of them teased me for having a rainbow knife...until he borrowed it for something the other day. he realized why i carry it. :)

mike's spot said...

Ugh. I hear your pain. helped my professor open a box the other day. Pulled out my pocket knife to start cutting open the box and he said

'dude what do you carry a knife for'

to which I replied

'Oh i'm sorry, I'll just leave your shit in the box till you find your scissors'

that changed his tune :)

kaveman said...

My company's policy is that anyone carrying a knife be fired immediately.

Been open carrying a knife at work since 1995 with no issues.

It's open, it's obvious and noone has questioned me about it.

I have carried a knife every day on my person since age 6. Anybody that wants to question me can go fuck themselves.

Anonymous said...

Same here. I carry a knife daily.
So far I've murdered three sandwiches, five oranges and countless cardboard boxes with my current one.

Boy am I dangerous...


Mike W. said...

Hell, I used to carry a 3.5 inch boy scouts knife all the time (didn't realize it was illegal in DE)

Even worse, I carried into onto commercial airliners an had it on me while being allowed IN THE COCKPIT while the plane was in flight.

Oh how times have changed.

Here's something funny/sad. I can legally carry a gun on me in Philly, but carrying my knife is a misdemeanor.

Mike W. said...

Kevin - I pulled mine out once to eat lunch at the dining hall in college, as their plastic knives just weren't cutting it. I got some interesting looks.

A good knife is one of those things you should never leave home without. They come in handy for everything, and if it comes down to it a 3 inch knife is better than nothing for self-defense.