Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Self-Defense - Way Too Close for Comfort

Here's a case from my neck of the woods, thanks to Zendo Deb.

"Two gunmen came into Favor's Liquor Store on S. Walnut Street around 9:30 p.m. and ordered the clerk to give them the money in the register.

When the gunmen came around the counter to try to get the money themselves, the clerk opened fire, hitting one of the masked men."

Congratulations to the store clerk. He successfully defended himself and made the streets I have to walk everyday just a little bit safer.

When I say he made my walk a little bit safer I mean that with deadly seriousness. I walk past Favor's Liquor Store everyday on the way to and from work. I doubt if my parking spot is more than 50 yards from the store.

One dead goblin, another hopefully caught soon.


Linoge said...

Wow. Talk about hitting close to home. Good to hear that the clerk came out on top, and doubly good to hear that you were not involved.

Bob S. said...

Yep, it is a shame you work in such a "bad neighborhood".

It is a "bad neighborhood", right?

I mean the place is clearly a front for a drug ring since most crime is drug or gang related, right?

Great post, shows what I've been trying to point out on my blog. Crime can happen anywhere.

Unknown said...

You shouldn't call other people "goblins." It makes you sound insensitive.

That was close to home. I hope your protecting yourself from other threats too.

Linoge said...

And you should not make irrational comparisons between events that happen with a rate of one in 700,000 and events that occur with a rate of one in 200-or-so. It makes you look like a blithering, incorrigible idiot.

Of course, given that MikeB302000 cannot even tell fact from fiction, the whole "blithering idiot" schtick must be second-nature to him now...

Bob S. said...

Funny that MikeB302000 is worried about sounding insensitive after months of saying that gun owners, just because they are gun owners are responsible for all sorts of crimes.

Funny that MikeB302000 is worried about sounding insensitive after he allows Laci and Phuck Politics to call gun owners names and more on his blog.

Funny that MikeB302000 is worried about sounding insensitive after calling people and/or approving of people calling us "gun nuts".

Hypocrisy, thy name is MikeB302000.

Mike W. said...

Insensitive? To what exactly? They tried to rob someone, now one of them is dead. Good riddance!

I'm supposed to be sensitive when discussing people who think nothing of using deadly force in the commission of armed robbery?

Those people are on the bottom rung of societal hierarchy, right above rapists, serial murderers and child molesters.

If you're willing to walk up to someone and threaten deadly force in order to deprive them of property I have NO respect for you.

I will call those people goblins, thugs, or whatever else I damn please. They've earned it. They are animals acting outside of societal norms and should be considered as such.

I find your comparison of this to meteorites falling from the sky moronic and insulting. Not only is such an event a statistical anomoly (do you know anyone who's died by meteorite?) it's also something I can predict nor protect myself from.

If you try to rob someone ending up 6 feet under is an occupational hazard of engaging in that crime. Those two thugs took a risk, they picked the wrong victim and they paid for it.

mike's spot said...

glade your ok Mike!

Its scary to think how close to home this stuff really is, no matter where you go.

kaveman said...

Glad this scum is now worm food.

I only ask you to find out where he's buried so can piss on his grave.