Friday, December 4, 2009

Quote of The Day - Capitalism

"So, here's CNN shilling for Government Run Centralized Health Command and yet the only way they can stay afloat is to run ads that inform their viewers that CNN is full of shit."

-Robb Allen

Funny how capitalism works isn't it? CNN lost me completely when Lou Dobbs left. There were a host of issues I disagreed with him on, but at least he actually did some reporting and was critical of both the Bush and Obama administrations. Who really wants to watch a bunch of talking heads fellate the President and Democratic Party leadership nearly 24/7? (and CNN's not even the worst offender)


Bob S. said...

I'm finding that I'm watching less and less national news on the television and turning to the internet more often for it.

I read both left and right leaning sites but only click on the stories I want to see.

CNN is spending time and money changing the visuals of their site but not the content. I find that I'm going to their site less also.

Mike W. said...

I usually watch "World News Tonight" and will occasionally watch Fox News when something catches my eye. Otherwise I find the MSM utterly worthless.

I used to watch Lou Dobbs but he's now left CNN and I watched John Stossel when he was on Dateline since he's a Libertarian and was a refreshing voice of sanity.

Weer'd Beard said...

Haven't watched TV in any serious levels since 1997. Occasionally when on vacation the Wife and I might flick it on just out of curiosity. I'll just say we've never had such a reaction to get us to rethink our decision.

Mike W. said...

I have a couple shows I love to watch, but most of those can be seen on Hulu these days.

The only real reason I have a TV is sports. I'm a sports junkie. I think I'd go nuts if I didn't get my fix during March Madness.

I will say this new Bravia HD LCD I just picked up is pretty sweet. I can hook it directly to my laptop with an HDMI cable. Anything I can get high def online or via DVD I can watch on the TV.