Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quote of the Day - Carry

"My take on this situation is quite simple: I support carry. If you want to openly carry, knock yourself out. If you want to concealed carry, have at it. If you want to wear a yarmukle, break out the bobby pins. If you want a rosary about your neck, that certainly makes it easy to get to."

- Linoge

That's basically my take on open carry as well. I take it as a pro-choice issue. Carry however the hell you want. I do subscribe to the "don't be an asshole" line of thinking, but that applies to most things (CCW too) not just open carry

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Linoge said...

Thanks for the linkage.

I, too, have a "do not be an asshole" rule, but since it applies to everything I do in nearly all circumstances (unless the person I am dealing with has proven a need for such behavior), I left it somewhat unspoken.

In reality, a simple smile, "thank you", polite conversation, and all those kinds of things make life significantly easier and better for a lot of people... And, probably thanks to those kinds of things, people have never once said a negative thing about me openly carrying.

In any case, how you carry is as much your call, to me, as what religion you practice - as long as you are not Crusading/Jihading/whatever, I do not care... just like I do not care how you carry. And, in the end, if all you will do is either open carry or not carry at all, I know what side of the fence I will stand on... and what side of the fence others will stand on.